Here’s To The Weirdos

These are my people. The ones who never really fit into the norm. What’s normal nowadays anyways? Every single city does it different. Every single country does too. Who are we to define what normal is?

When I travel, I’m looking to escape my normal. Traveling makes me feel normal. Cause let’s face it. When your in a city chalked full of tourists, trust me, nobody is paying attention to you. You could make a mistake. You could get on the wrong train. Take a wrong turn. Get on the wrong bus. Oh the things that could go wrong! Says anxiety anyways. But here’s the difference with being worried about doing something wrong while your in your norm and while your not. When you’re not, nobody cares. And nobody knows what your intentions are/were. All they know, is you are on this bus or train and you got off. You were walking down the street and you turned right. Nobody knows your path, therefore everything you do in another destination is exactly how people perceive your path to be. As far they know, you chose that. So there’s nothing to be afraid of there.

I think half of anxiety stems from how we think others see ourselves. We are so worried about making the right decision so we don’t look ‘out of the norm’ but in reality, nobody is looking at you at all. And as a tourist, that’s kinda our go-to excuse if we feel we did do something that was incorrect. …..’Sorry, I’m a tourist!’ That’s all you have to say! And they understand. Trust me, in most major tourist destinations, they’ve seen it all. You would actually be surprised as to how many locals are willing to help you along the way. It’s one of the most beautiful things about travel. The ability to connect with someone so different from you, with the main objection of solving a problem. Imagine what our world would be like if we could all collaborate like that. Some pretty amazing things I can imagine.

But not everyone gets to do this. Not everyone has the ability to travel. Or the mindset. I understand the mindset. For years, my crippling fear of flying prevented me from some amazing opportunities. I’m only slowly gaining them back now. But what I want the fearful to know, is that it can be done. And when you see how others communicate and live in harmony it really brings you to understand that maybe everything we’re seeing around us in our daily home lives isn’t exactly accurate.

It’s accurate for where we exist on a daily level. But on a whole, it’s not something I would revolve my entire life around. Not knowing what I know. Or seeing what I’ve seen. I can try and show this to others, explain what I’ve experienced, but until they see the difference in norms for themselves, I’ll have to stick to my misfits. The writers, the music makers, the dreamers. Some may call them weirdos. I call those people my heart and soul. And the reason I’m here to begin with. ❤

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