Tomorrow Is Not Promised To Any Of Us.

Never has been. Never will be.

A horrible tragedy took place in my home province of Saskatchewan this past weekend. The light of 15 dreamers was dimmed. 15 people who were having the time of their lives playing a sport that is beyond a Canadian tradition. For many families, hockey is your life. For alot of those, hockey is also your future. You have your biological family and your hockey family. And each one couldn’t exist without the other.

15 people belonging to the Humboldt Broncos SJHL organization were taken from their dreams last Friday evening when the bus they were riding to a playoff game in Nipawin, SK was hit by a semi trailer North of Tisdale, SK.

The scene has been described as horrific. A code Orange was put into effect at the nearest hospitals in Saskatoon and we saw people coming together to do what needed to be done despite the tears and the glimpses of things that no human should ever have to comprehend. The ones who were first on the scene, the medical responders, the police, doctors, nurses, aids, councillors and pastors. The ones donating, making food, offering rides. Our countries two major airlines offering flights for the victims families and the ones at the airport who lined up when they asked if anyone would give up their seats. We have seen condolences from around the world. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Donald Trump and the Queen of Edinburgh just to name a few. To see this kind of thing happening today in a world that seems as though it’s at a constant divide lately, has been the light in all of this. It’s proof that we have the capability to coincide with each other. I just wish we could see this everyday and not when we have no choice because we have people who are in their darkest days and need that glimmer of light.

Tragedy or not, we all deserve to know that if the worst ever happens (and in this case, it did) that we have people in our net. That we have a defence that can’t be broken. I invite everyone to take this into consideration whenever you are interacting with others. We don’t know everyone’s pain. What they’ve been through. What they’ve lost. What they did to get to that point where they could speak to you right now. Just think about it. Even if it’s just for a couple seconds.

Unfortunately it takes events such as these for us to start re-evaluating ourselves as human beings. As someone with anxiety, I think we feel things deeper. We’re always searching the bigger meaning. The why. The how. In this case, there is no why. And the how isn’t gonna make it any less horrible. Right now we need empathy. Something we seem to be losing. We need people to listen. We need a shed of light in a tunnel of darkness. We need help going forward to learn from this unspeakable tragedy and use it to create some happy in this sometimes most difficult world.

Although I will always be a traveler at heart, right now, we need Canada. ❤

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