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I am a 35 year old mother of two, a wife, a home-based travel agent with a dream of traveling the world. I am born and raised and currently residing in my small town of Davidson, SK (farming community) in the midst of Western Canada. I have one huge problem when it’s come to attaining my dreams. ANXIETY DISORDER. I know there are many travel blogs out there. I want to try one with a different twist. Let’s face it. Anxiety is more common than ever in our society. But when you are scared of, well, the entire world….how does one overcome the fear when leaving the unknown? I can tell you it didn’t happen to me overnight. And without a ton of mental preparation. But I’ve done it. And every time I do, I get better at it.

I will be sharing my journey that I have taken thus far. I have always loved to write, and I feel this is another important step in making my journey just that much easier. Remember, this all didn’t transpire overnight. So I can’t possibly begin begin to tell my story in a short period of time. I hope to share what I have accomplished to date on a weekly basis or more if I’m feeling sparkly and inspired that day!

I am sure I can’t be alone in my desire to navigate through the unknown, while being terrified of the unknown. If I can help even one person realize that their goals are not only attainable, but within an arm’s reach, then I consider my entire journey one of success. Don’t allow anxiety to let you abandon the goals of seeing something incredible. My struggle is certainly not over. But I welcome you to experience it with me along the way!

….We are all in this together….

 – Tarah

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