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we mustI am a 34 year old wife to an amazing husband and together we have three children. I currently reside in a small farming community of Davidson, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am a stay-at-home parent and also work as a home-based travel agent for an Alberta based company called Go Travel. Although I have been in and out of the travel industry for about 10 years, it is something I have always gravitated back to, since my personal love of travel is something that consumes a big part of my life.

Traveling never always came easy for me. I am fortunate to be blessed with anxiety disorder. Something I feel started as a child. And managed to rear it’s ugly head in my teen years. I feel anxiety effects all of us, now, more than ever before. Our hectic schedules. Technology. Work. Kids. Bills. The constant struggle. It’s all lead to this point. And surely I cannot be the only one who persists with wanting to see our world, but also being completely terrified by doing so. I have been a few places. But not as many as I would like to. I battle daily between my fears and my desires. I find writing helps this though. I did alot when I was younger. And I figure if we can’t beat technology, maybe we should try and work with it.

I hope to start posting weekly to introduce you to my journey thus far. It is far from over but I feel by going back to my writing roots and possibly helping some others along the way, maybe we can find some common ground. Some inspiration of knowing that traveling with an anxiety-riddled mind isn’t just possible, it’s incredible. This hasn’t happened for me overnight. I can’t tell you it ever will. One day at a time. One destination at at time. But it IS possible.

I always welcome anyone who would love to discuss their journey privately to let me know by clicking on the Contact tab on top of my page.

…..We are all in this together….

– Tarah

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