Tomorrow Is Not Promised To Any Of Us.

Never has been. Never will be. A horrible tragedy took place in my home province of Saskatchewan this past weekend. The light of 15 dreamers was dimmed. 15 people who were having the time of their lives playing a sport that is beyond a Canadian tradition. For many families, hockey is your life. For alot... Continue Reading →

Here’s To The Weirdos

These are my people. The ones who never really fit into the norm. What's normal nowadays anyways? Every single city does it different. Every single country does too. Who are we to define what normal is? When I travel, I'm looking to escape my normal. Traveling makes me feel normal. Cause let's face it. When... Continue Reading →

My Instant Gratification

I used to be that girl. I loved shoes and clothes, make-up and funky hairstyles. I loved new vehicles. Anything that involved a retail transaction. It made me happy. So I thought. It made me happy in the short term. Instant gratification I guess. Now before I purchase anything, I ask myself 'where could you... Continue Reading →

My ‘Why’

We don't do anything without a purpose, right? We need purpose in our lives. It gives each of us meaning. A reason to get out of bed every morning. But with someone who has anxiety, sometimes finding that purpose can be like looking down a tunnel full of mud, waste and filth. It resembles a... Continue Reading →

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